NOW is the time to gear up for the holidays. Social things you must be doing!

August 2, 2019

“The will to succeed means nothing without the WILL to prepare.” – Juma Ikangaa

The preparation I want to talk about today is Holiday preparation. I know what you are going to say “Victoria, it’s August, let’s get through the summer before you bring up the Holidays,” BUT that kind of thinking gets you in trouble when we get closer to 4th quarter.

We all know that 4th quarter is the most pivotal time of the year for retailers, so we need to make sure we have an unbeatable strategy going into that time. That takes a kick ass 360° Digital & Traditional media mix, but let’s take this 1 step at a time; today let’s talk Social Media.

The most important thing to do when building your holiday social campaign is to step into your customer’s shoes. The goal of any social media post or ad is to make your audience become your very own unpaid marketing army; meaning create something that they will want to share or tag their friends/family in (we only pay for the impressions within our audience, anything outside of that is FREE). To help with your planning, here are a few tips to help boost your campaigns.

1. Utilize Video Content Across all Social Media
This should not come to you as a surprise; I think I have said “Video is King” around a million times throughout the last 6 months. But I will say it again, VIDEO IS KING! Studies show that 72% of internet users prefer watching a video to learn about a product or service over consuming the same information through text. Create videos showcasing the products in store or talking about the amazing deals that will be going on for the Holidays and make sure to promote the shit out of them! These do not have to be huge productions, take a video on your smart phone, this is social media not TV. Shameless plug if you want a big production, Francisco and Robert are REALLY good videographers and I know their phone numbers. LOL

2. Embrace Stories

Instagram and Facebook stories are becoming more and more important in your everyday social strategy. Why? The answer is simple – stories create a direct line of communication with followers that is more natural. Rather than seeing ultra-polished, on-brand marketing post, you get to see a more human side of the company or peek behind the scenes. Consumers want to see the way the store looks or what products you have in-store. Stories should be used to showcase a different side of the posts we schedule to go up throughout the week. When taking pictures of product for your social posts make sure to take a vertical style video of the same product to show what the ring or RV looks like in “real life.” We have seen this drive sales for some of our clients.

3. Customize Your Social

This may seem silly but creating a Facebook cover with snow falling (if it snows in your area) or with twinkly Christmas lights makes a huge difference. Let your followers know you are celebrating with them! This means adding a holiday theme across everything social media, including Ads. Specials and promotions are always going to catch the eye of a consumer, but think of something fun and unique to include on the graphics to make them stand out during the Holiday season. Think outside of the Santa Claus box, dress up in ugly sweaters and create a video talking about your Holiday specials or decorate the store and showcase that all over social media. Have some fun with your Holiday promotions, don’t let the craziness bog you down!

The Bottom Line is start thinking about 4th quarter before it is knocking at your front door. If we get ahead of the game, plan out and even start creating this content early, then we will be sitting pretty when Black Friday and Christmas hits.