Our long-lost friend: Nuance

July 3, 2020

We are truly living in some polarizing times. Some days it feels like as a society, we can’t agree on anything… but within those times, we have moments where we feel stronger than ever. We are riding a constant wave and for most, an emotional rollercoaster. One thing is for certain, though – we will prevail.

I’d like to touch on a subject I brought up in one of my first ever blog posts while working at Bottom Line. It came up while talking about Traditional and Digital advertising. Here is a quick excerpt:

“In advertising, digital and traditional media have become a binary relationship that often gets misinterpreted at first glance. Too often a time I find myself caught in a battle between the two, justifying one versus the other. We struggle with juggling polarized differences in most areas of life – it’s nothing new.”

That last sentence rings truer today than it did in early 2017. At times, we are too caught up in our differences to realize how many similarities are among us. We start to lose the ability to identify nuance – and in my humble opinion, this is a crucial part to life!

Yin and Yang represents the best depiction of nuance… there is always a little of good in any bad situation, as well as a bit of bad in any good situation. Never lose sight of your ability to find a blessing in disguise!

It’s more important now than ever to realize that life is not always as binary as we make it out to be… embrace the gray areas and remember we all have a common ground – let us always strive to meet that common ground as our survival and growth depends on it!

Here’s the Bottom Line:

I’d like to end this the same way I ended my first blog… I think at first glance it seems a bit out-of-context, but if you do some deep thinking, you can apply it to a lot of what is currently going in in this world we live in.

“Henry Ford said if he had asked people what they wanted, they would have asked for faster horses. I would have asked for less horse shit.”

Yours truly