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People are spending more time online than ever before. They shop. They read. They connect. They play. As an advertiser, every one of these occasions presents an opportunity for you to make an impression.

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Mobile Display

Make every phone your personal billboard. Deliver mobile ads to the exact audience you’re targeting, build dynamic mobile landing pages and use blueprint technology to record store visitations.

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Your customers are searching for you! Deliver ads to qualified shoppers in your area on the largest search platform in the world, the Google Search Network. We monitor daily bids and optimize them towards maximum efficiency and performance.

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OTT (Over The Top) Advertising goes “over” the cable box and delivers content to televisions through the interwebs. Smart TVs offer a wide variety of downloadable apps that allow viewers to stream video content without having a typical cable or satellite subscription. Unlike broadcast and cable, OTT does not require you to purchase program-based advertising packages. Instead, OTT allows you to purchase a targeted audience and deliver your ads directly to them, no matter what programs they watch. Your commercials play exactly like they would on live television. Plus, the viewer is typically delivered fewer commercials than live tv, making your impact even stronger. It’s very similar to normal television ads, but with more focused targeting. Honestly, it’s the future of TV.

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Pre-Roll Video

Before watching that video you searched for online, google and youtube will often serve up a short ad to watch. Pre-Roll allows you to deliver ads to targeted audiences segmented by age, gender, income, location and interests. Better yet, you can even select what types of videos you want your ads to be attached to.

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SEO Management

Like your car, your website needs maintenance. Service your website so that your customers can quickly find you with organic searches. Regular maintenance will also ensure faster loading times and an overall better website experience.

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Cross-Platform Retargeting

Follow your customers around the internet after one visit to your site. By delivering ads through mobile, desktop and tablet devices, you can help remind your customer to come back and make sure they don’t forget about you.

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Google Display Advertising

Utilizing online user data and history, Google display ads are delivered to consumers across the Google Display Network (GDN). This network includes over 2 million websites, videos and applications, giving you extensive reach and opportunities for valuable impressions.

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