If we had a dime for every time someone said, “Traditional advertising is dead”, we’d probably be living a year-round vacation in our Fiji dream houses by now. Without a doubt – TV and all other forms of “traditional” advertising (local radio, billboards, print, etc.) have seen a shift in their audience with the coming of the digital era. However, this shift is not necessarily an indicator of a complete loss in viewership. The average American still spends over four hours per day in front of the tube watching live television and over 92% of adults listen to radio during the average week (more than any other platform). Traditional advertising is still powerful and there’s nothing better than a television commercial or radio spot to capture the essence of your brand.

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Media Buying

From TV, to radio, to print, we’ve sold it all. We know which channels are effective for which audiences. We’ve learned how to distinguish good media partners from shady ones. When we sit down to negotiate, we have one goal – get you the most bang for your buck. So, if you have a specific message for a certain group of people, at a particular time and at the proper frequency, come see us.

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TV Commercials & Video Production

Bottom Line Marketing specializes in high-quality video production to help tell your story. By combining incredible imagery, strong messaging and crisp audio, we’ll capture the interest of every customer in your demographic. Whether you’re looking for emotional resonance, humorous hijinks or breathtaking beauty, our team can help. Just be prepared… Once our videos air, they’ll drum up a whole new fanbase of intrigued and excited customers.

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Radio Advertising

From traditional radio stations to streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora, people are always listening. Radio is a key component to your marketing mix and if you aren’t currently on the air, it’s time to jump in. For radio spots that are catchy, memorable and cost effective, come to us.

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Ever had a jingle stuck in your head after watching TV or listening to the radio? If you did, then you know just how influential these little earworms can be. Not only is our team great at finding the perfect sounds to pique your interest, but we’ll also write and record a custom jingle, just for you.

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Billboard & Outdoor Advertising

The art of the billboard is something we feel very passionate about. Short, punchy copy and attention-catching images can go a long way. But, you’ve got to say something clever, funny or compelling. Lucky for you, our copywriters love any chance they get to manifest their words on giant signs 😉

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Print Advertising

Magazines, brochures, handouts, catalogs, we do it all. Our graphic design team is chock full of visionaries just aching to put pictures to your promotion. No matter what you’re looking to produce, we’ll make it so beautiful, you’ll want to frame it.

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