Production Magic at the Kevin Jewelers Shoot

August 12, 2016

shana baril kevin jewelers video

shana baril jackie brooks kevin jewelers video shoot

4 years ago we would have never dreamed that we would be in the country’s second largest market shooting production for one of the largest jewelry chains in Los Angeles? Um no. But we did, and we’re proud! “Dream bigger and reach further and it will all work out.” That’s our mantra for 2016 even if we just figured that out and even if it means red-eyes and weekends on the road! But the real star who made this all possible is our new production Manager Shana Baril.

Shana: The sun has just fallen below the horizon line on a warm Sunday evening. There I was, standing ankle deep in the Pacific Ocean. Taking that moment to really breath. Breath in the salty air, feel the waves crash over my feet and the sand between my toes. This was one of the only times during our trip to L.A. that I had time to reflect about the whirlwind commercial production we were doing.

The month prior I spent a lot of time behind a computer doing a shitload of planning. (Insert time-lapse montage here) Working with co-workers to write scripts, booking flights, hotels, rental cars, crew lunches, confirming shooting permits, casting professional actors, renting a beautiful L.A. home to shoot in, hiring a makeup and hair stylist, coordinating a shoot schedule for the crew and actors, planning props and helping with wardrobe. Oh that list was a long one. Have I mentioned this is was my first time doing most of this? The month of July is very much a blur. Of course, I had a lot of hiccups along the way, sleepless nights, working late and on weekends – it sure was stressful. But I have to be honest, I have not had that much fun in a very long time!

scot fure jeffrey butler video concepts

video concepts kevin jewelers video shoot

Watching all the hard work come together in the few days we were in LA. was mind blowing. Here we are a small crew of videographers from Marquette, MI and two amazing Account Managers “The Girls” from Florida and Colorado flying into the filming capital of the world. I may be bias but we kicked butt! The actors were fabulous! Scot Fure and Jeff Butler were on fire! Kendall and Jackie were relaxing by the pool (as they deserve).

I am unbelievable proud of the work we did and so is the client by the way. Thank you Kevin Jewelers for trusting us to give you a new look and branding you in a whole new way. I think this is beginning of a beautiful relationship.

scot fure jeffrey butler video concepts kevin jewelers