Rachel Fisher: My Proudest Moments of 2018

February 8, 2019

It’s so hard to pick one moment! I’ve gone from being a sculpture major and working in jewelry to joining and leading the most creative, determined and passionate group of people in our production and design department, and it doesn’t even stop there! Every department at Bottom Line has helped make a difference in the production and design department. Working with the designers and discussing creative daily are the best parts of my day. Of course, I couldn’t have done it without the merciless
training from Ryan D and Katie, thank you both.

Design Retreat

Our designer retreat included three action-packed days of departmental meetings,
brainstorms and, of course, hiking in the mountains! Alex and Dave, our most recently hired creative duo on the design team, and Ryan Servis, our new rockstar in
production, had just started working at Bottom Line Marketing and boy did they
have a lot to take in after less than one hour of working here! Our designers from
every office, including Katie, Melissa and Sara, flew in to meet in person or through
video chat with every single department in every office. Our main goal was to learn
how every department affects Design. Seeing everyone work together was an
extremely rewarding experience and ended with a beautiful bonding hike in
Boulder, CO that brought us all even closer together.

Design meetings

Every month, our designers collaborate and brainstorm on design. They pull together graphics currently trending locally, internationally and across all industries. They bring this together with such passion and care for our meetings. We go through every single design, discussing how we can apply them to our clients and how to make them even better! We take the time to review our systems, our department as a whole, and how we can further grow and improve Bottom Line in every department. Watching designs come in after these meetings and brainstorms, even months later, is extremely inspirational and something I am very proud of. We continue to communicate daily and share new ideas, designs, fonts, animations and more. It’s personally so exciting to watch and hear the designers talk to each other throughout the day as they help and teach one another. No matter how far we may be in miles, we are a very tight-knit group. I know each designer would do anything for one another.

Production and Design Systems

After Ryan Servis was added to the team, our production department became unstoppable! We dove straight into building new systems and making current ones stronger, including new ways to traffic, proof, and print graphics! I could not survive without him!

Client feedback

We couldn’t do any of this without our clients and account managers! Hearing consistent and positive design feedback directly from our clients and account managers is beyond rewarding. Sending their feedback back to the designers and experiencing their reaction is a great feeling.

2019 Goals

Each designer has discussed with me their goals for 2019. We can’t wait to show you how much we will grow this department and Bottom Line Marketing.

Below are designs from each of our designers that they are extremely proud of from 2018, enjoy!!