Reach over Frequency OR Frequency over Reach: Which is more important?

June 14, 2019

Coming to you live from the office of The Jessie & Taylor Show! (as we like to call ourselves) Pairing us together is like a Kelly & Ryan, Hoda & Jenna (minus drinking wine at work), except we’re not on TV we BUY TV.

People often ask us “What is the best way to get my message out there?” Traditional broadcast TV, Spot Cable, Radio, Billboards, Newspapers, OTT, or digital advertising. The answer?

Everything works, but you have to work it!

It can be overwhelming trying to figure out which medium best fits your business or brand, but don’t sweat it, that is our job! Here at Bottom Line we know the ins and outs of all media, best practices, CPP, CPM, KPI, over delivery, under delivery, posting… oh my! We’re here today to talk about the most effective way to utilize traditional dollars.

Let’s start off with reach: Reach is a measure of how many different households or audience members are exposed at least one or more times to one or more media vehicles over a period of time. While Frequency historically was the priority, we now consider reach over frequency. Let the spots do the work. This is why we buy the highest rated stations and the highest rated programming. We may only purchase a few spots per day, but we are reaching a very large audience in any given time period.

We may prioritize reach over frequency, but we don’t discount the value in repeating the message. Frequency is the number of times you touch each potential customer with your message. In a perfect world we would maximize both reach and frequency, however most times we are working with a budget where we need to consider which will be more effective. Each campaign is different and each of our client’s goals are different.

The Bottom Line is don’t let all this frequency over reach stuff intimidate you, if you’re represented by BLM’s media team, you are in great hands. If you’re not, give us a shot to show you how your media dollars can WORK for you!