Sasha and Marco take Denver

June 22, 2016

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I’ve never suffered from a change in work environment. When you do creative work you have to be constantly changing and always moving. Denver has been a great break from my usual work environment. I complained to Ryan that working by myself in Austin can get lonely, so he came back at me with an offer to fly out to their location. How could I refuse!!
The flight over was very quick, and my AirBNB room was great! My first day was spent getting a feel for a normal day at the Denver Colorado BLM office, followed by aimlessly wandering around downtown and running into chain stores, bars, and homeless people. The rest of the week flew by too quickly to notice. Maybe it was something in the beer, maybe it was just how much fun the group is to work with, maybe it’s Maybelline ;). One thing is for sure, Denver has a new place in my heart that is now in competition with Austin, TX (not an easy task).

I started my journey to Denver 2 weeks ago. My first stop was Vegas where I made my annual donation to the casino’s within walking distance of my hotel room. After realizing that the casinos are more crafty than I am, I decided it was time to jet north to Alaska to visit some old friends and to try and bring Bottom Line’s Media talents to the last frontier. A few meetings, a bottle or two of glacier water infused vodka later it was time to head south again. I flew through the night on the red eye – stopped in Seattle where I ate a rather tasty Smoked Salmon Scramble, and onto Denver I went. Upon landing I quickly realized that I had been awake for too many days in a row. I head to Jackie’s new house and meet what I perceive to be the most adorable doggie ever “Mags”. Mags is literally my new best friend, we sat on the couch for a few hours until I had to get to bed, Mags was upset but I knew she’d understand.

marco mottola bottom line marketing denver

marco mottola bottom line marketing denver

After a great nights rest in Jackie’s awesome, modern yet warm, house it was off to the office. Upon arrival I began my daily journey through the digital ad space. Checking on Facebook campaigns, setting up Youtube videos, monitoring mobile performance etc. Finally – it’s lunch time and I can’t wait to get a Snarf’s prime rib and provolone sandwich into my mouth as soon as possible. My love affair with Snarf’s sandwiches started roughly 3 months prior during my first trip to Denver and I hadn’t forgot it. After lunch it was back to the computer and on the phone with some partners – Mags was weighing heavily on my mind… would she remember me when I get back to the house tonight? I spent much of the day thinking about my two new favorite things in this world, Snarfs Prime Rib and Provolone sandwich and my new four legged friend Mags. Ann suggested that since I love the two of those things so much, I should combine them. I knew that would be a bad idea and dismissed her suggestion… I’ll be sad to leave Mags and Snarf’s behind, but my heart is still in Florida and Kendall has some pretty cool dogs too. There is enough Marco to go around!