SEO is Not Rocket Science

September 14, 2018

SEO is not rocket science; it’s actually simple! The acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This simply means that you are optimizing your webpage/website to be found more easily on search engines such as Bing and Google. Google accounts for about 75% of search traffic, which makes Google the golden standard for SEO best practices. Although SEO is not rocket science, there are tools available that are considered as necessities in the SEO world. Many of the tools are developed by Google, and can come in the form of websites and extensions.

Without SEO tools, optimization tasks may seem worse than rocket science, and it can be as stressful as a failed space exploration. That’s right, information and metrics will explode and leave a numerical mess to clean up, signaling the need for experts. Tools available to help clean up your website’s appearance include awesome platforms like Google Analytics. This platform provides a comprehensive view of your website’s activity, helping the user create a formula for success. The usage of proper tools to control your bounce rate and overall website traffic will boost your site’s performance to the next level, and from that point only the skies are the limit.

The Bottom Line: Why Bottom Line? SEO works great for our clients because it gives them the ability to harness the power of well performing keywords, making their website easier to find on search engines.