Socials Trends we saw this Quarter

December 28, 2018

4th quarter is by far our busiest time and the MOST important time of the year! We see more promotions, contests & events within the last 3 months of the year, than any other time. Social Media is one of the best ways we can increase word of mouth about in-store events and contests going on, as well as, gauging consumers interest (or something lack thereof) in a specific product or brand. This past season the following tactics created social buzz without breaking the bank; promotions on Facebook and Instagram, creating Facebook events to promote in-store events and getting involved with your community by urging users to drop off gifts/donate.

1) Promotions on Facebook & Instagram
From Black Friday sales to 12 days of Holiday Gifts, there were several promotions our clients pushed this 4th quarter. Depending on the store/location, there were a variety of promotions calling attention to certain pieces/brands and promoting bridal for holiday proposals! We have seen in the past posting about bridal jewelry during this time of year shows amazing engagement (see what I did there), so many of our clients focus their efforts on promoting specific bridal brands.

2) Events
Events were a big part of our clients strategy this quarter. Parties that celebrate the past year’s achievements and offer VIP savings to customers. Other clients like to give an opportunity to shop last-minute gift options for their loved ones. This comes in the form of a “Panic Party”, “Brunch Bash” and many other events, procrastinators can take full advantage!

3) Giving Back
This past season we saw a big trend of giving back. It’s important to have a presence within your community. Whether it is making your location a toy drive drop off destination or hosting an angel tree, our clients made an effort to make their community better by giving back. Social is a great way to raise awareness for these charities and help provide information on how customers can give back.

As we come to the end of the year and the 4th quarter winds down we look forward to creating the best social media strategies for our clients, so we keep up with the ever growing trends. Social Media changes and surprises us everyday with new features and recommendations, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We can’t wait to bring more inventive promotions, events, and contests to our clients in 2019!

The Bottom Line: Are you prepared for the New Year? If the answer is not immediately yes, then give us a call & we will help you feel more confident in your advertising and social media. Here at BLM our clients are our family, so we will do whatever it takes to help make your 2019 the best year ever!