Someday Soon

February 26, 2021

Someday Soon

This week’s blog topic was supposed to be how sometimes, the customer is wrong. But I didn’t feel like writing about that.

As I look into the future, I see this:

  • There will be a day soon when we get to gather again.
  • There will be a day when our smiles will come out from under a mask.
  • Companies will retreat.
  • Dance floors at weddings will funky chicken harder than ever before.
  • Our hands will heal from the sanitizer rashes (Wait does that only happen to me?)
  • $12 beers at concerts will be a delight.
  • Airlines will flourish.
  • We might wear real pants again. (That’s a big might for me)

Despite the challenges these last 12 months have brought us, one thing I know for sure is that as your advertising agency, we’ve mastered the art of figuring it out. Taking you online, taking your seminars to Zoom, negotiating better media placement and selling more jewelry, RVs and cars than ever before.

You don’t NEED an advertising agency, but if you have one, I hope they answer their phone at 3am when you can’t sleep because your Shopify scares you. I hope they FaceTime with you on Christmas Eve because you hit your numbers and you need someone to celebrate with. I hope your agency mystery shops your business and holds your ass accountable for good and bad service. I hope your advertising agency cares as much about your success and happiness as you do. I hope your advertising agency helped you get through Rona without having to pay a cent more.

If you’re longing for all of this in an advertising agency, my family would love to talk to you.

Sending you love,