Sometimes We Have to Check Ourselves: Kendall Kennedy

May 8, 2020

Kendall Annette And Jackie Bottom Line Marketing Sometimes We Have To Check Ourselves
Alright, I’m going to be extremely honest, the kind of honest that usually has my sister Jackie texting me “REALLY KENDALL, You went there??!!!!!”

Seeing my name on this week’s blog schedule made me cringe slightly.

The mind chatter started a bit like this…

“We should be getting ready right now for our Las Vegas trade show, but instead I’m still working from my FREAKING BEDROOM FOLDING TABLE.”

My mind shifts to…

“I want to hug our employees, I want to buy them breakfast, lunch and dinner. I want to make them my homemade sloppy joes, even though they only have three ingredients and a monkey could make them. I want to collaborate in person, I want to brainstorm together, I want to CREATE magic for our customers without having to say things like virtual, private appointment, and CDC guidelines.”

It then heads down a path of…


And then I stop. I silently say a prayer for those personally effected by COVID19. I take a step back and remind myself like I had to during a 26 hour failed attempt at childbirth, THIS IS TEMPORARY…This entire situation is temporary.

The good? This past week we shipped 35 homemade masks to a client who is hitting the road again for buying events. Our Nanny sewed them with love, and then prayed over them wishing safety and success for our client. Thank you Maryellen, you are the America I believe in.

So I’ll leave you with this…

Sometimes we have to check ourselves. This week, I had to check my attitude and energy big time. Let’s trust the process and pray for those in charge of making really tough decisions.
This blog was supposed to be about Mother’s Day. So, cheers to the all the mamas staying home with their babies, e-learning and working full time with a smile on their faces. Cheers to all the mamas who want to be mamas, I think of you often. And finally, cheers to my mama Annette, the most positive and uplifting person I know. You light this world on fire with your enthusiasm and kindness.

And Finally.

I ask you again like I have in the past, will you believe with me?

Sending all the mamas, business owners, and believers alike my love and encouragement.

Kendall Kennedy