Stuck in a Social Media Rut? Use These 10 Ideas to Help You Out!

September 11, 2020

Stuck in a Social Media Rut? Use These 10 Ideas to Help You Out!

What’s the hardest part of running a social media account? Keeping it funky fresh!

It can certainly be difficult to create fresh social media content when you’re posting something every day for multiple platforms. But unique, eye-catching content is what drives engagement and attracts new users to your brand. You want people to be excited and curious about what you will post next!
Use this cheatsheet of social media posts you MUST be doing to stay ahead of the curve, and never find yourself staring blankly at your social calendar again.

1: Videos
Give your audience a first hand look at how your product works or highlight special features that cannot be seen in a still image. Videos are a great way to communicate the mission of your company/ brand in a way that keeps your audience engaged and allows them to get to know your and your products in a way that a static image can’t.

2: Contests & Giveaways
People can’t resist “free.” Running an occasional contest is one of the most impactful strategies to increase engagement and create excitement around your product or brand. All you need is something to give away, terms and conditions, and a creative way to enter.

3: Industry News
Keep your audience up to date with the latest news in your industry! With so much going on in the world, make sure your followers are kept in the loop about changes or happenings in your market segment. Being a consumer’s source of information will keep them coming back to your page time and time again!

4: Your Employees
Showcase your company’s personality by highlighting employees on your social media channels. By doing this, your followers are able to put faces to the people working behind the scenes, which allows them to get to know who you are as a company that much better!

5: Influencer Content
Partnering with social media influencers is a great way to increase your following and create engaging content. Find an influencer relevant to your field, and come up with a mutual strategy that benefits both of your accounts. Doing this, allows your brand to be seen by more than just your own followers and gives you content to post for days.

6: Product Images
Keep in mind that your followers follow you for a reason. Show off your greatest products, get them excited by letting them know what’s “coming soon” or savings on items you know they’ll love! Adding swipe up links or tagging your products through Facebook or Instagram Shop, allows them to engage with your products and even buy them directly from social media! When you post about your company’s best features, your followers will be excited to see what you post next.

7: User Generated Content
What better way to show your customers that you appreciate them than posting their images? User generated content is a great way to say thank you for using our product/brand, and provides real world examples of people using the product/brand. The more you show appreciation, the more likely users will repost your images.

8: Memes
Don’t be afraid to show off your sense of humor! While memes are not for everyone, social media is the breeding ground for humor and satire. Just remember to keep your meme relevant to your company and audience.

9: Say Thank You
A simple thank you can go a long way! Have you ever received a personalized shoutout from a company that you wouldn’t have expected it from? It can make you want to broadcast your appreciation for them any chance you can. Letting your customers know how much they mean to you is an easy way to build and maintain long term customer relationships.

10: Ask A Question
Ask a question, ask a question, ask a question! Whether it’s in the form of a fun brand-related quiz or something as simple as what your audience is doing this weekend; take every opportunity to engage and discover what’s important to them. Not only will you gather information to help better target your audience, it can also increase your relevancy on your platforms!

The Bottom Line:
It can be easy to get stumped when it comes to finding new ideas to post on social media; it happens to the best of us! But don’t be discouraged. As long as you know your audience, target market, and have a few minutes to spare, there are plenty of ideas to spark your next interesting post! Still not sure what to post next? Come chat with us, we’ll be happy to help you!