November 22, 2019

Every November I sit down to write this blog about being thankful and I grow a tad bit weepy. I think it’s the love and compassion centered around our family business my dad started with such passion nearly 20 years ago.

I often talk about growth and in my eight years at BLM, we have seen a lot of growth. I’ll write about being grateful for our current clients that retain us year after year, and appreciation for referrals that bring us incredible new opportunities. Those are all important, but this year I’ll keep it short.

We have a fun business. It’s fast paced. It’s highly competitive. We love to win and adore even more when our clients win.

Thank you to our clients who love when we win too. We appreciate you asking about our day and being interested in our lives. Thank you for celebrating our triumphs and understanding our tribulations too. You have no idea how much that means to us.

Thank you to our staff for showing up every day ready to claw your way through whatever deadlines may be on your plate. Thank you for believing in our past, present and future. You are our future.

Thank you to my partners for putting up with my manic competitiveness and Ricky Bobby ways. I am thankful for the ability find grace and goodness in everything. And because this is my blog, and I get to write what I want, I’ll share with you my favorite Thanksgiving scripture. “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.” PSALM 16:34

May you find yourself surrounded with infinite blessings this Thanksgiving holiday.