November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving! We have a lot to be thankful for at BLM. My first slice of gratitude is that political advertising is over. HOORAY! My second slice of gratitude and the most important one is for our incredible staff that conduct their jobs with a smile, open heart and often times they get asked to do things that don’t pertain to their “job title.”

It’s easy to say “That’s not my job,” or “I’m busy.” But not at BLM, not here. That is what we call company pride.

Pride is something Chad and I talk about a lot. When we are at dinner on a Saturday date night and we start talking about work and our staff, it’s often that one of us has tears in our eyes. I think because we both came from parents that worked hard to put food on the table, parents that pushed us to not just play sports, but excel at sports and be leaders on our teams. We both grew up in blue collar papermill towns and saw our parents work hard to provide a better life.

Bottom Line to us isn’t just a company, it’s our home. Our office feels like our living room, our clients feel like our relatives and our staff are our children. We wouldn’t have it any other way. The best job in the world is one where you don’t wait for the next vacation. This is the best job in the world.

To our clients, staff, family and friends, we are so thankful for you. May your holiday be filled with abundant blessings and of course, stretchy pants.

God Bless,

Chad & Kendall Kennedy