The Art of Being a Video Producer 

January 8, 2021

The Art of Being a Video Producer 

Video production is often associated with expensive gear and complicated technical details such as resolution, aspect ratio, codec, bitrate, color space, focal range, depth of field, and any number of other things most people are blessed to not have to think about. And it is true, getting these things right is essential for a polished social media video or TV commercial.

But equally, if not more, important is the art.

Finding the right piece of music to tug at your heartstrings. The right wording to convey your message. The right talent in front of the camera. Knowing the exact frame to cut from one shot to the next. When a dissolve is better than a straight cut. When to use Helvetica Neue, and when to use Comic Sans. Just kidding, there’s never a good reason to use Comic Sans. 

Because at its heart video production is all about emotions. The way your audience feels when they are watching your ad.

There are few things in life as fun as planning a video shoot., and you may ask: “What makes it so much fun?” For us, it’s precisely all the things that can go wrong… We can’t stress enough how important an organization is in the business of bringing visions to life. 

At BLM, we go wherever it takes us to make visions come to life, and we sure spend a lot of time thinking about each project; carefully writing each script, getting all the pre-production in place, and planning the best shots to tell each story. Because if we do things right, and the client loves it, that makes everything worth it.  

Other factors that makes our job interesting is the fact that even though the steps of planning a video production are often the same, every project is completely different. Due to every business being different. These unique challenges push us not to just get better at our craft, it also pushes us to keep learning about all the different industries we get to work with!  

The learning never stops. During this BLM ride, we have learned a lot about jewelry, appliances, carpets, construction, RVs, kitchens, cremation services, science, water filters — you name it; and we are excited about all the amazing things 2021 has to teach us!