The Girls Take on CBG – Year 2

January 20, 2017

Kendall: When you walk into the bottom floor of The Hyatt Grand Cypress in Orlando you feel an immediate rush of energy, and for me, I find my attention span is that of an 8-week-old border collie simply looking for something to herd. The jewelry industry is buzzing all around us. We are in a room of the best of the best, you hear a lot of, “Who joined? What line is she representing now? Judith Ripka is in CBG? Oh my,  there are Chocolate martini’s on Thursday Thank you Le Vian, and mostly my favorite, “Do you think if I lost 50 pounds Andie would let me borrow that dress?” … Jackie’s answer is “NO and if you ask her that I’ll poison you in your sleep.” I’ve also wanted to ask CBG if I could do a dance routine to kick off the show, but again, Jackie dropped that idea quickly.

Jackie here! You can thank me later for saving you all from Kendall’s dance moves. Kendall may get the wrath of me while planning her crazy ideas but she is right about CBG Orlando. It’s a feeling, energy and excitement that comes over you as the trade show season kicks of every year in Orlando. We’re honored and humbled to be a part of this amazing group of retailers and suppliers. A special thank you to Andie who believed in us and all our customers who’ve taken a chance on us. We’re getting better every day and working very hard to make sure independent jewelers don’t fall as some may threaten. 2017 is a year of greatness and it starts at CBG Orlando!  

CBG Orlando is our favorite show. Why? The show is intimate, not intimidating. Jewelers are relaxed. They sit, they listen, they want to learn. January is such an important time for retail businesses to determine their goals and execute on their expected growth.

There are a few questions we’d like to address during CBG this year…..Why jewelry is hard right now? Why just having an open sign & a few cute Facebook posts won’t cut it this year? Jewelers are down, the industry is changing and we’re excited to share solutions that will make our jewelers not only hold their own, but excited to come to work everyday.

This year is going to be a bit different for us. Just ending a great 2016 and a recent Team Building Retreat, BLM is feeling eager and ready to take on 2017. We’ve added so much talent and creativity to our team and we are excited to bring them along! Next week we are bringing along our Cool Cat Gus our Director of Media, and Ann, our Social Media whiz kid to CBG to discuss their skills and answer any questions.

We are sincerely looking forward to this show, see you in Orlando CBG! And if you want to see us then stop by our Booth, we are #317. We’d love to talk about the jewelry industry and answer any questions about the #blmlife.