The Power of Design – Going from Surviving to Thriving

July 29, 2021

The Power of Design – Going from Surviving to Thriving

In a sea of competition, strong branding is necessary to stand out from the crowd. When envisioning a company’s brand, many believe that the name and logo cover all the bases. These core elements are important for brand recognition, but they will only take your business so far. To reach the next level and gain loyal customers, going beyond the basics is the money maker (quite literally).

Killer Visuals

First impressions are everything. Having stellar graphics set the tone for the rest of the customer experience. The goal is to embody who you are as a company, while catching every eye. If you make your brand too trendy, it will soon fizzle out. The best brands are fresh and modern, yet are able to stand the test of time. Since your first interaction with a brand is it’s visuals, it needs to adapt through all medias – social, print and online.


Sparking connection with your target audience is a crucial tool for success. What language do you use on your website? How does your staff interact with customers? What copy is written on your social media posts? Building brand messaging that answers these questions allows you to build emotions that are memorable, meaningful and powerful. People make decisions based on this, so sending the right message to the right people is the name of the game.


Brand personality assigns a set of human characteristics and qualities to your business. These elements shape how your audience feels about your company. This is the secret sauce that is unique to every company and ultimately becomes the basis to all other facets to your company. For instance, if your brand personality exudes a fun and approachable tone, your visual design style should not be formal and dated. The goal is for your customers to not only feel connected to what you do, but how you do it. Become your target audience’s best friend and you have unlocked endless possibilities to grow your company.

Here at Bottom Line, our team cuts through the noise to ensure that our clients stand out. We build brands for companies to truly thrive, and not just survive.