Trade Show Life!

January 25, 2019

Some get excited for wedding season… we get excited for trade-show season!

In reality, trade-show season is almost year-round for us, so I guess you can say we’re always excited around here (step one foot in the FL office and you’ll see how excited we really get).

I’ve been at Bottom Line Marketing for almost 3 years now, and although there are plenty of things to like working at an agency like ours, I must say my favorite is hitting the road with my “road warriors” and getting in front of people… you know, shaking hands… kissing babies… selling digital services that deliver time and time again… all in a day’s work!

My first trade show was a back-to-back in Vegas with CBG and JCK a few years ago. By this point, I was already fairly experienced in developing advertising solutions and selling them through my interpersonal skills, in both conversational and presentational settings. What was completely new to me was the jewelry industry… boy was I in for a treat! Having been born and raised in Miami, I rarely get caught up in the glitz and glam having been surrounded by so much of it for so long… but as soon as I stepped foot on the strip, I couldn’t take my eyes off how much beautiful product was on display and how so many savvy buyers were going about their routines of vetting out the perfect jewelry for their stores.

After my first trade show, I became so enamored with the industry that I dove head first into researching the industry, learning more about the different products and brands, and making sure that next time around I’d be able to talk the talk with the best of them. Fast forward a few months and I was honored to receive my first opportunity at a speaking engagement at another trade show. I’ve now had about a handful of these experiences under my belt, and it’s something that I look forward to every year. Staying on my feet, working with current and prospective clients on advertising solutions, basking in the energy of the jewelry industry and being able to present my ideas in front of hundreds of people… this is where I am in my comfort zone.

2019 is going to be another huge growth year for both our agency, as well as myself. I can’t wait to hit the road again… stay tuned for a follow up at the end of the year!

Respectfully yours,
Gus Garcia

Director of Digital Marketing & Business Development