TV is not a Dinosaur

March 1, 2019

TV is not a dinosaur.

TV is just changing, not dying.

TV still dominates our media consumption. The dramatic change is the delivery and consumption of it.

What’s still true, is that people still like watching TV. TV still remains the biggest reach vehicle out there. It’s a mass medium best-suited for reaching large audiences. According to a Nielsen report, adults in this country are watching over 5 hours of television per day. Older people watch more, younger people watch less. Even with Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube, Americans still watch an astounding amount of TV.

As an agency, buying media for our clients, we are always looking at the most effective and efficient way to deliver a message to a target audience. The key is a good media mix, but media fragmentation makes this difficult. We are strong believers in TV. You can have a meaningful conversation with your consumer through your TV ad. You can evoke emotion. You can reach a lot of people at one time. We are also believers in radio, print and the many layers of digital advertising (including OTT of course, which is just another way to consume TV). Our goal is always to do the best thing for our clients that will generate the desired outcome.

TV is a big part of the media mix for a lot of our clients when the budget allows. We focus on buying programs that people watch live, such as sports and news. Digital advertising platforms provide an excellent way to target specific individuals and people with specific interests. And, a digital campaign can amplify messages delivered to mass audiences by way of TV. However, you still need television to reach the masses to make people aware of you. You can only make so much money on people who already know your brand. You still need it to reach everyone else. Even Google and Amazon advertise on TV!

When looking to advertise on TV or anywhere else, the most important thing is to have a plan. Do the research. Allocate your dollars appropriately. Choose your media mix wisely. Allow all of the vehicles used to complement each other. When you target the right market, with the right message, through the right media, the customers will come.

At Bottom Line Marketing, we are here to help you plan and execute your advertising, so you can run your business.