We will get Through this Together: Chad Kennedy

April 10, 2020

Every day we make decisions to accomplish our goals, whether they be long term or short term. We don’t just accomplish things in life, we make decisions and take actions to achieve what we want.

Right now, in the world, it feels we are sometimes just making decisions. Nobody has the right answer or right solution, because we don’t know what’s going to happen next. It’s tough, our decisions and actions impact other people every day and ordinarily we can expect a rational outcome, but for now we just keep adjusting those decisions and those outcomes.

We have slowly changed our everyday lives from limiting travel, closing schools, stopping sporting events, stopping gatherings over 10 people, social distancing, and to wearing masks to the grocery store. Our businesses have all suffered and the government is trying to help us, but now they and the banks are overwhelmed with trying to process unemployment and loans in the matter of days when the volume of work they are doing might ordinarily be done over the period of a year or more. Talk about decisions you don’t feel are getting you anywhere.

They will get there and we will get there. We are used to certain norms and conditions in ordinary times that allow us to achieve our goals. We can still achieve them; we just may need to adjust those conditions and allow for a change in our expected norms. As a business we have spent countless hours on the phone, email, text, skype, you name it we are using it to work with our partners and our vendors to figure out how we manage through this and how everyone we do business with manages through this. We are in business with and because of our partners (both clients and vendors) and now more than ever we don’t stay in business without those relationships.

We aren’t First Responders; we are not on the front lines fighting coronavirus. What the people in those fields are doing is just amazing and mind boggling at that same time. We are however leaders in our businesses and our communities. Our role is different, our role is to do our part to make sure we are flattening the curve and being responsible during this pandemic, but our role is also to make sure we get our families and our businesses through this pandemic so that we can get life back to normal. No, we don’t save lives on a regular basis, but we do our part to be leaders and employers in our society and we all need to be here for each other to get through this and be there for each other when things start to normalize again. We impact a lot of lives on a daily basis and it’s important to continue that.

So, hang in there, let’s be there for each other now just like we always have been, and we will be there for each other in the coming days, weeks and months as well. We will alleviate pressure on our First Responders by taking the appropriate actions, we will continue as businesses making decisions to get us through this pandemic, we will get assistance from our governments and big business to help us manage through this and we will ultimately defeat the coronavirus and we will do it together as people and a community. I know we will because that’s just what we do.