Welcome to Our Family – Las Vegas Style

May 29, 2019

As we go into our 7th year of shelling out thousands upon thousands of dollars (I mean really INVESTING in our business) toward the jewelry industry’s largest week in Las Vegas, I again find myself incredibly thankful for the jewelers who gave us our start. They believed in us when there wasn’t much to believe in. They welcomed us into their homes as we traveled to their stores. They sent referrals to their friends and helped us grow to where we are today. Our founder, my dad, always said, “If you would have them into your home for dinner, they are a client for us.” My dad didn’t have clients, he had friends. Still to this day, those clients are his friends.

While Las Vegas may seem like a glamorous trip from our Instagram stories, it isn’t about glamour or even really about Las Vegas. It’s about seeing our friends and family while helping our jewelers earn more market share and grow their businesses.

Here are some of my favorite memories from the past 7 family reunions, aka “Las Vegas”.

2013 – Hiring Juan on Craigslist to drop off a claw machine to the Shark Reef entrance at JCK and dolly this thing to our booth, finding a way to get away with it, and taking multiple pictures of 70-year-old women in front of it. “My Grandkids LOVE these things!” “Thanks Sally, we’re trying to sell something here.”

2014 – “Can you make more popcorn please?” “Sure, we’re just TRYING TO SELL SOMETHING HERE!”
“Are you an equestrian?” “No ma’am, but are you having a garage sale in there?”

2015 – Why we thought bringing real plants into a trade show was a good idea, I’ll never know! I also made everyone wear white…hahaha

2016 – We hired a Michael Jackson impersonator to be Prince at our Tribute party… Mom accidentally walked in on Prince and saw more than she wanted.

2017 – And this is what “Family” means to me…

2018 – We must have been really busy last year because we don’t have a lot of pictures from 2018. Must be because we didn’t have food and just brought in a fish tank.

As we embark on yet another year, we invite you to our family room at JCK as our theme this year is “Welcome to the Family” because really, that’s what it’s all about! We’re in Tech and Essentials Booth #55030.