What Are You Saying This Valentine’s Day?

January 29, 2021

What Are You Saying This Valentine’s Day?

Let’s be honest, we all have split opinions when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Some deeply cherish February 14th and others believe that it’s a “hallmark holiday” created by candy companies to make extra cash. But, if you’re a retailer…  You can’t rely on targeting just one of these two factions. You’ve got to split the difference and appeal to both sides. Especially if you want to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Today, it’s not enough to offer a simple discount. That being said, you can also limit your potential by offering a highly-specialized experience. Both approaches miss the mark. They also miss a giant opportunity to connect with your customers on a deeper level. When it comes to appealing to the largest audience possible, you need to find a way to wrap meaningful sentiments in actual value. If done correctly, this approach can inspire more than just a spike in sales. It can inspire value-driven customers to dig deeper into their pockets and experience-seeking customers to bite hard into your brand.

Think about your average customer. Half are just looking to fulfill their Valentine’s Day duty, grab a gift and hopefully find a good deal. The other half are searching for a more meaningful display of love. Discounts will create an easy win for the non-believers and a unique experience will capture the attention of discerning buyers. But, what about the sweet spot? That bullseye in between that triggers both sides? How do you appeal to everyone?

The answer, appropriately enough, is to pull at their heartstrings. With the events of the past year, we’ve been given a unique glimpse into the passions and pains of many throughout the country. We’ve seen local businesses go down, division over politics and uncountable struggles due to COVID-19. With Valentine’s Day being the holiday of hearts, it seems appropriate that we spread the love as far as we can, no? 

For instance, your offering could easily benefit more than just the buyer and their sweetheart. Maybe every purchase includes a hand-crafted gift from a local business or artist? A portion of every sale goes to the nearest food bank? A certain price tier benefits the local animal shelter? What if every buyer receives 4 American flag pins with special notes to be distributed to friends and family on the other side of the aisle? If Valentine’s Day really is about love, isn’t it time that we show it?

This year, let’s think outside the chocolate box and start to heal the heart of America. Not only will it capture the attention of value-driven shoppers and experience-seekers, but it will let them know what your brand stands for. It shows them that you do believe in love. True love, that benefits others before you. I promise you, when your customer tells his or her significant other about the incredible cause behind their jewelry, it will mean a whole hell of a lot more. It will also remind them that there are good people in this world. People willing to think about others, rather than just themselves.

P.S. You could package your special cause with a unique experience AND an appealing price point. Value, meaning and charity might just be the perfect equation for a successful Valentine’s Day. Deep down, we do care for each other after all. That’s why it feels so good to give. Just imagine how great it will feel to surprise your partner with a unique experience and put money towards a deserving cause… Instead of a giant corporation.