Charlie the Corgi Wants You to Know THIS

May 1, 2020

Ain’t no quarantine long enough, Ain’t no virus strong enough, to keep me from getting to you babe….

JOKES! This pup always practices safe social distancing… BUT… I sure can’t wait for everyone to be healthy again so we can get back to biz and making monies!

Good news is, the finish line is truly almost here… we are starting to see a light at the end of this tunnel… all our social distancing efforts are slowly paying off and a breath of fresh air is right around the corner!

These times have been incredibly ruff for hoomans and dogs, business people and busy bone chewers alike… in leu of your “average digital media” blog, Charlie wants to remind you of a couple BIG facts not just about digital, but life in general as well!

Don’t let the distance work against you… turn that quarantine into quaranTEAM… and don’t go too hard on those quarantinis!

Teamwork makes the dream work, especially during difficult times… work together and reap the fruit of your efforts!

“El vago siempre trabaja doble”

My hooman’s grandma always used to say that when he was a little boy… it means “The lazy man always works double” in Spanish. Don’t save for tomorrow what you can do today, and never cut corners! It will always pay off in the end.

The night is always barkest before the dawn!

I know these ruff times have affected a lot of hoomans and their furry friends out there… all I can say is this… without bad, there is no good…. Without up, there is no down… without light, there is no dark… and without my best hooman friend, there is no life! Be thankful for what matters most and appreciate the nuances life gives us.

The bottom line is this…. Whenever confronted with a negative situation – always remember there is a blessing in disguise!