What does it mean to be an “Assistant”?

June 4, 2021

What does it mean to be an “Assistant”?

When you hear the word “Assistant” you typically think of someone who grabs coffee, takes things to the post office, answers the phone, and schedules appointments. Although I’ve done all of these things in my time as Assistant Account Manager at Bottom Line, this position means much more to me.

I started at Bottom Line as an Office Assistant ordering supplies, answering the phone, and taking notes on calls. I quickly realized that my passion is keeping things organized. Taking notes, keeping timelines, and making tasks for myself is fun for me because I can reference these items when any uncertainty arises. As I learned more about our clients, I started sitting in on more calls, began coordinating more with the clients themselves and eventually transitioned into the role I’m in now.

Being an assistant at Bottom Line means being a backup to the account managers and giving them more time to focus on marketing strategies and less on day to day tasks. It feels great to know that I’m not only needed, but appreciated by the account managers… even though I’m often just bugging them for a response to something.

I love getting to work closely with clients and account managers to complete tasks on time, and push for things to get done early to give our clients time to take a breath. Although last minute things always come up, I’ve learned to have a checklist in my head of everything needed to complete the task efficiently.

The Bottom Line is this… assistants are necessary parts of a team! Account managers are incredibly knowledgeable and deserve to put that knowledge to use while delegating smaller (but no less important) tasks to someone who has more time to work with all the individuals it takes to complete a project. The teamwork at Bottom Line is incredible and I’m excited to continue growing and learning more with a great group of people!