What is BLM’s Spirit Week all about?

September 25, 2020

Every year we host “Spirit week” at BLM, yeah like high school. And yeah, participation is highly suggested. So many customers have texted, emailed, and called asking, “Why?” My answer is always this… “Why NOT?!” Spirit Week kicks off the week before the 4th quarter. Much of our business is retail and event marketing. As the 4th quarter drives so much traffic and business to our retailers, our team has to be refreshed, fired up, and ready to bring the good stuff! We’re prepared to laser focus our way through these next 90 days. Are you READY? Thank you to everyone at BLM who showed team spirit! Cheers to an incredible 4th quarter, and dear Jesus, BRING ON 2021!!!!! (cue the Christmas carols, haha!)

The bottom line is this:Be a company that can be fun, show profitability, and offer a rewarding atmosphere. Speak to your “employees” like you want to be spoken to. Buy them lunch once in a while. Share the good news. Good businesses have great leadership.

With love and BLM spirit,
Kendall Kennedy