What its like to be an intern at BLM!

March 10, 2021

What its like to be an intern at BLM!

The typical life of a typical intern? You might think of coffee runs, making copies, sitting in the corner during meetings, and taking notes. The life of a Bottom Line Marketing intern? Busy, involved, educational, diverse, busy, and did I mention BUSY! No day is ever the same routine, but let me try and give you a breakdown of what a day as an intern at Bottom Line may look like.

While in school, I work three days a week virtually. Being a virtual intern is interesting because it immediately eliminates any of those typical tasks associated with an internship, such as filing paperwork and getting people coffee. Instead, I open my email and check to see what has been assigned to me for the day. The best part about my position is that I work with a lot of departments and people. That is part of the reason why no day is ever the same.

My official title? Content Creator Intern. What do I do? Create Content. Just kidding, kind of… One of my favorite things I get to do is work with the Blog Team. I help write blogs for clients as well as proof blogs written by others. It wasn’t until working at Bottom Line that I realized this was a field I was passionate about pursuing. I remember how nervous I was when I was assigned my first blog to write, but after submitting it, I felt accomplished! Another aspect of my job is helping the social media team create content for social, newspapers, and mailers.

I love this because it comes with the creative side of getting to design the posts, but it also has a technical side of making sure the information in the rollouts is correct. I love being able to use both my creativity and my technical thinking when working on these projects. As an intern, some projects might not be as exciting as others, such as website audits and analytics but it is interesting to learn these skill sets and understand the programs used to track user experience on our client’s websites. My background is in photography, and the team has been amazing about creating opportunities for me to shoot content. Shooting jewelry has made up most of my photography while interning and I love being able to provide original content for the team!

I obviously love my position and all the exciting things I get to do every day, but the team is really the best part. I was nervous about how I would get to know anyone since I was working virtually and was never actually in an office with anyone, but I have felt so accepted and involved over the past 9 months. Being virtual allowed me to build relationships with team members at all three offices, which would not have been possible if I was located in one office. I am excited to see what comes next, but for now, I have to go create some more content for Social!