What the Heck Works

March 13, 2013

Since my daughters Jackie and Kendall have graced the business, from time to time, I get told what to do. Hasn’t anyone told them I’m the boss?! Apparently not, ’cause today I’m writing their blog. Be forewarned…I will blurt out my opinion, sneer at trends I hate, run on a sentence or nine and ramble like water in the gas of a ’76 moped with a muffler problem.

So…what the heck works? The real deal works. And what’s the real deal? It ain’t Holyfield, it’s businesses and people that actually give a crap about what they sell, service, maintain, post, tweet or tinkle in the snow about.

So…who gives a crap?

  • It’s the guy that sponsors a team and goes to a few games to cheer on the kids that wear his name.
  • It’s the boss who chucks the HR handbook where it belongs to give an employee in need a few extra sick days.
  • . . . it’s ads that go all the way to show how much you give a crap. That’s right, I’m talking stupid dog tricks. Literally. And making fun, horrid dancing and abominable singing. Do that and mean it. Your customers will get it.

By the way, it’s also…

  • Knowing that the customer is not always right, and firing customers that disrespect you or your employees. (You can forgive them, when they apologize.)
  • Creating a workplace that allows parents to attend games, recitals, church and mosques during company time without fear of reprimand.
  • Finding a way to get kids outside chasing balls, butterflies, fireflies and trout.
  • It’s being ready when the wolf is at the door. With a mop handle smack to the neck. So…who doesn’t give a crap?
  • It’s the guy bragging about some award someone else gave him…(Show me your passion! I really don’t care what the Tri-State Insurance Bureau thinks about you!)
  • …or reminding everyone that it’s his store’s 25th anniversary. (Really, 25 years? Have your ads been boring that whole time?)

And yeah, digital is awesome, we all need to be there, but I sure hope every competitor of yours thinks it’s all they should do because . . . Today is a golden age in broadcast media (when was the last time you bought something because a pop up ad told you to?) 21 ads a week in radio works. Two a day doesn’t. Advertising to 100% of the people one time is useless. Convincing 10% of the people 100% of the time works. Phoning in your marketing won’t even get you a dial tone. Giving a crap and showing it works.