What We Do Is Oh-So Important

August 13, 2021

What We Do Is Oh-So Important

Today was a different kind of day for me. Not just at Bottom Line, but in my life as a whole. I’ve always said that what we do is awesome, BUT, it’s not life or death, it’s not rocket science, we’re not delivering babies…

Today, I experienced an emotional rollercoaster that brought me to a new level of thinking. A level that proved to me that the words we say, the things we do and the relationships we build in this business, are not quite so simple. The people we work for and work with, the family and the kind of business culture that we dreamed to build, one that previous family and friends told me could never exist, is real and present at Bottom Line… and it’s everything we hoped it would be. You might say, I believe again. I believe that all the negativity we have been through lately, all the nay-sayers and pessimists, all the bullsh*t, is wrong.

We are here. We are surrounded by amazing people, coworkers and clients…all under 1 big extended family tree, with multiple branches. Some don’t know that others even exist, but we’re still all family, nonetheless. We are lucky. We are proud. We are strong. We work for reasons, beliefs, people, and things that are greater than ourselves. Maybe no one outside of this will ever understand, maybe they’ll say it’s impossible…but I am living it. The paycheck, the accolades, the recognition, the career build…that doesn’t even matter much to me. It’s the people I am lucky enough to do it for and the people I get to do it with. They give me all the pride, happiness and satisfaction that I need.

I am a dreamer. I am a marketer. I do believe in the things that most cannot or will not. I have been a small part of building a dream that others told me was impossible. I have found a career that is family, not the other way around. Thank you Bottom Line and the entire Bottom Line family, from owners to employees, vendors to clients…you are all family to me.

Dedicated to two of our finest road warriors. Can’t wait to see you healthy and back on set!