Where Were You When? by Jackie Brooks

January 31, 2020

Where Were You When?


Senior in high school, Mr. Wilson’s Government class. 2nd row, 2nd seat from right.

I vividly remember our small-town teacher knowing exactly what had happened. “Terrorism” was not a word I had yet come to know in my youth.

Fast forward to this past Sunday.

 A Facebook post announcing the passing of Kobe Bryant while I was driving home from my weekend Target run. Then the texts came flooding in. I pull over. Damn, this loss hurts! I grew up watching him play, admiring his passion. Anyone who played for Phil Jackson was someone I worshipped and envied. I later learned of his daughter being on the helicopter as well.

9/11 and Kobe’s terrible passing aren’t the same, but they are events that stopped me in my tracks . . .

What’s my point – where am I going?

This blog was supposed to be titled “Working with your family: It’s not Politically Correct” – that just seemed too privileged a topic to write about this week.

You see, when you get stopped in your tracks, sometimes your mind shifts:

I get to work with my family. Not I have to work with my family.

I get to wake up and serve the clients I love. Not, where is the next new business coming from?

I get to spend the day with my amazing team. Not, who’s going to ask a lot of questions today.

This isn’t a blog about sadness or meant to bring anyone down. It’s a blog to challenge each one of you reading (and myself) to live for today. Not yesterday and not tomorrow:

Take that vacation and be present. Your family needs the memories.

Say “Thank You”, “Yes” and “I Love You” more.

Eat the burger with the Fries. Add the bacon.

Be patient and trust that someday we’ll all look back on today and laugh with pride.

Where were you when your mind shifted from “I have to” to “I get to”?