Why Mobile Marketing is at the Top of its Game

February 1, 2019

Have you ever played the game cell phone roulette at dinner? Where everyone has to put their cell phones in the center of the table and the first person who picks up their phone has to pay for the entire meal? If so, think about how hard it was. Research done by “bankmycell” states that 85% of smartphone users will check their phones while talking to their friends and family and that these users check their phone around 47 times a day. Shocking I know!

We are constantly on our smart phones, whether we are in our ESPN app checking the score of the game, checking the weather on the Weather.com app or playing our favorite game (mine’s Temple Run), which makes mobile advertising so important. It is projected that in 2019 the global mobile population is going to reach 4.68 billion people, this is a huge opportunity for advertisers. The increasing popularity of smart phones has pushed mobile advertising to step up to the plate. Here are a few of the reasons “Why Mobile Marketing is at the Top of its Game:”

With an audience of over 4 billion unique consumers, we can reach more people at a fraction of the cost. Mobile based cost per clicks are 24% lower than desktop, but see 40% higher click through rates.

Mobile advertising also allows you to target your consumers more accurately. We are able to build audiences based off of consumer and location behavior. It sounds creepy, but through mobile phones and location tracking, we can see which stores you visit, whether it be shopping at Whole Foods or heading to the gym for your daily workout. Allowing us to get granular with our targeting we can be confident that we are delivering ads to consumers who are interested in your product, and will likely buy!

Lastly, mobile advertising allows you to record store visitation through blue prints. Blue printing can be done either on a store, a lot or a block. If a consumer engages on a mobile ad and then visited the blue printed location, it is recorded as a conversion.

Bottom line, if you aren’t already investing in mobile advertising, you may want to jump on the band wagon, get your brand and products noticed! Not only is it cost effective, but it also gives you insight and better understanding of you customers too!