Why We Love Thinkspace for Retail Jewelry

September 7, 2018

In today’s world having a web presence is a must. But having a web presence is more than just creating an eye-catching homepage. Businesses need to build a user-friendly website that increases their revenue and they need to build it using a content-management system (CMS) that allows their site to easily grow and change as they do. A good CMS should be user-friendly, provide freedom and flexibility with design and functionality, and have the ability to easily add custom code for things like Google adwords and digital marketing.

As the website manager at BLM, I have the pleasure of working with the majority of our amazing clients and all of their different CMSs. Our jewelry clients have chosen to mainly work with WordPress, Avalon, Punchmark, iShowcase, Ideal Evolved, and Thinkspace as their CMS of choice.

Although each CMS has its strengths and areas for improvement, the one that consistently meets the needs of our clients and their customers the best is Thinkspace.

Why do I love Thinkspace for our jewelry clients?

– Customer support. Thinkspace has the best customer support. There are multiple ways to request support, including speaking to a knowledgeable person. They usually resolve the issue within 24 hours. They are easy to work with. Best of all  – because of the functionality, freedom, and design of the Thinkspace dashboard, I can do most of what our clients need myself, so I don’t need their great customer support that often.

– Freedom and Flexibility of the Dashboard.  Besides the amazing customer support, what I love the most about Thinkspace is the flexibility of their dashboard.  With some of the other CMSs, an update that should take me a few minutes to make requires putting in a support ticket and waiting for someone from tech support to resolve it. Thinkspace’s backend has by far the most flexibility and freedom in what a site administrator can do.  In addition, someone without any coding experience can still make their way around the user-friendly dashboard and make updates without having to contact support.

– Freedom and Flexibility of Design. I have also found that besides WordPress, Thinkspace provides the most freedom and flexibility with the design of a new web page or parts of a webpage (like a contact form).  Best of all – because of the freedom of their dashboard, a site administrator can create a brand new look of a page without having to wait on or pay customer support to make it happen.

– Functionality. One of the drawbacks with using any CMS is restrictions on the functionality you can add to your site. Thinkspace has one of the least restrictive systems.  This is a huge asset for a company trying to create a site that meets their own unique needs and helps grow their revenue and customer base.

– E-Commerce. Thinkspace also has one of the easiest ecommerce platforms to set up and continually update.  

– Continuous Improvement.  Thinkspace is continually working on ways to make their CMS better for their clients.

– The Bottom Line:
If you own a retail jewelry business, you really can’t go wrong with choosing Thinkspace as your CMS.  They will give you a great platform that fits your common and unique needs as a jewelry retailer while also providing you an easy to use system with great customer service.

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