You Are In Charge…of You!

March 24, 2022

You Are In Charge…of You!

Defining your brand and building your business should be a concerted effort. Easier said than done, right?! What’s important is that you are planning ahead and trusting in your plan. Staying dedicated to who you are and communicating that effectively, internally and externally, is crucial. From the customer experience to internal processes, branding to advertising and everything in-between, it is entirely up to you how you define, communicate and grow your business.

3 things to consider…

  1. Customers can see through “BS”: Your messaging, creative, sales process, heck, even the way you answer your phones need to be consistent, authentic and engaging to your customers. If they feel a disconnect, they just might call out the “BS.”
  2. It is getting harder and harder to see your business: To cut through the clutter of the thousands of ads your customers see everyday, you need to plan ahead and continue to build an effective marketing strategy, media plan and marketing mix. Just know, it doesn’t happen overnight! Stay consistent, create a brand that grows with you and the business and make sure your message is memorable.
  3. Choose your partners wisely: From the brands you carry to the vendors you work with…you don’t HAVE to work with every brand or vendor that is working in other stores. Make sure they are a good fit for you, your brand and your market. Even more importantly, make sure they are people that you want to work with! At the end of the day, you accomplish more when you work as partners.

For sustainable growth in retail, authenticity matters. Be proud and share who you are! You will be surprised how well people relate to that. The work that you put into your business and brand, today, will impact its growth and success, tomorrow.