Your Media Reps Deserve Respect

August 3, 2018

Do you ever think about how many different types of Traditional media there is out there? Broadcast TV, Cable TV, Radio, Streaming, Billboards, Newspaper and Magazines just to name a few and to advertise on any of those platforms you must go through a media rep. They can be your best friend or your worst enemy. My job if I do it well is to make them my best friend.

Bottom Line Marketing has hundreds of clients throughout the US and Canada that we buy for and you know what means? We have over 200 reps and vendors that I deal with on a daily basis. Let me tell you, between the markets, call letters, stations and time zones it’s super easy to get lost. It took me two years, but I’ve finally navigated my way around our fabulous media partners! (Shout out to Carrie Barrie, Sherri Lynch, Steve Norris and so on!) This is what I have learned: First off, they all love wine and most times will get you rate if you beg, plead and offer wine (easiest trick in the book).

Second, if you are short and nasty to them the relationship is immediately damaged. People want to work hard for people they like. Media Buyers: BE LIKEABLE! When your vendor likes to play hardball and at the end of the day you can bulldoze all you want but they are the ones making the call so compromise, be nice and when push comes to shove, we always have the ability to give our clients hard earned advertising dollars to someone else.

Third, some of both local and national media partners have been doing this for over 30 years and are truly talented bunch of individuals who know their SHIT and at the end of the day that is the person I want fighting for my clients to make sure they get the rates, reach, frequency they deserve. Hey, a $1 is a $1 doesn’t matter who you are …Business owner, media rep or media buyer that $1 means something and it better be spent well.

Here’s the Bottom Line. Being nice never hurt anyone. Taking an extra 2 minutes to find out who is on the other line not only makes your relationship better with the vendor, but it makes you a better buyer. I have learned so much about my partners and let me tell you being able to start a negotiation asking how their son is and if swimming is going well for the season makes you invested. GET INVESTED IN YOUR VENDORS LIVES! I’ve even gotten texts from my reps on vacation and that shows a lot about a person that you trust enough to send pictures. I am so lucky to work with these amazing media partners. Is your media buying service doing their job well? I bet you Bottom Line can save you MONEY, TIME by switching to US!